Cerebron Technolabz-Evolutionising App Development

Senchatouch  is a high performance HTML5 mobile application framework.It is fully based on HTML5,CSS and JavaScript.This enables the developer to create mobile application using HTML5 which can be used in Andriod,Blackberry,IOS and Windows devices.Built for enabling world class user experience.Sencha Touch involves graphical user interface(GUI) based controls that helps within mobile web application.These components are optimised for touch input.They are having device specific themes and effects.This comes with pre defined layouts that helps to position the widgets on screen and use css for flexibility and positioning to update UI quickly.Much of the functionality is based on Abstraction,allowing developers to create custom components,plugins or extended features using powerful design patterns.Sencha touch is more of configuring with light touch of real JavaScript development.Sencha CMD is another useful tool that is simply a command line interface that aims to provide support in scaffolding the app,theming,building and packaging.It will optimise the entire app to work faster.

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